Episode 6: The Entrepreneurial Center of the Southwest | Britt Harris

Britt Harris is the Chief Investment Officer for Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), and has more than 30 years of investment experience under his belt. TRS is among the 25 largest investment funds in the world, which does pose some interesting challenges for Britt and his team. Britt discusses who were his key mentors while navigating through his career, and why some of the most successful people in the world are also prolific readers.

Episode 5: Keep Austin Weird | Steve Bercu

Steve Bercu is the co-owner of BookPeople, and as a resident of Austin for the last 20+ years, he’s seen some fantastic growth and development. People love Austin because it’s unique, different, and filled with community. As big corporations began to move into Austin, he and others rallied behind the ‘Keep Austin Weird’ battle cry, to bring awareness and support to small business owners in the local Austin community. Little did Steve know, this battle cry would be picked up all over the country!

Episode 4: Exploring the Austin Film Scene | Tim League

Tim League is the creator of Alamo Drafthouse Theaters, which began right here in Austin. Alamo Drafthouse is expanding across the U.S. as the unique theater, making the theater experience relevant again, and it has also been called the “best theater in the world,” by a lot of people.

Episode 3: Creativity and Canines | Alex Hopes

This week we get to talk to Alex Hopes, the Austin-based photographer behind Zilker Bark. Alex gives us a glimpse into the wonderful, quirky, artistic side of Austin, and tells us why he chose to make Austin his home, after an eight month tour of the United States. This interview is the story of a small entrepreneur who is trying to turn his art into something more, and have some fun along the way.

Episode 2: Businesswoman in Austin | Kerry Rupp

Today we talk with the fabulously positive and interesting Kerry Rupp. Kerry is a successful venture capitalist who started out as a biology major, was a coder at a consulting firm, and then was an entrepreneur herself, before she decided to invest in women-led tech companies. Kerry has traveled to 55 countries and 49 states, and has moved 24 times, but she fell in love with Austin, and made it her home.

Episode 1: True to Purpose | Roy Spence

In today’s inspirational interview we hear from Roy Spence, a founder of GSD&M (the award winning, Austin-based ad firm.) Roy shares insight on what it means to be truly successful, tells us his own amazing story of success, gives valuable parenting advice, and entertains us all along the way.

Episode 0: Here we go, Austin! | InsideATX

Welcome to InsideATX!
Our missing is a simple one: to help you get to know the People who make Austin…Austin! We are getting to know the people who make this city quirky, innovative, and fun. We want to be purposeful about getting to know those people, so we hope you will tune in to this new adventure! Don’t forget to send us your recommendations for who to interview next!