Episode 26: Tiny Homes, Dumpster Living and Minimalism | Jeff Wilson

Professor Jeff Wilson tells us how his experiences of “living small” helped spark his company Kasita, which is changing how housing is built, and solving problems of urban density and overcrowding. This was a crazy fun interview where we learned about his experience of living minimally, and living in a dumpster for a year. Wilson… Read more & Listen »

Episode 25: Giving People Accountability and Education in Fitness and Nutrition | Kim Eagle

In the last 5 years between Austin Monthly and Austin Fit Magazine, Kim has been named Austin’s number one personal trainer an impressive seven different times. She does all of her current training online through Earn that Body, her online fitness and nutrition program, and keeps clients all over the world accountable for reaching their… Read more & Listen »

Episode 24: How Do we Save the Live Music Capital Of The World? | Clark Nowlin and Nick Shuley

Despite Austin having an amazing and growing music community, there is so much competition and saturation, that over 40% of working local musicians earn less than $15,000 a year, and venues are facing getting priced out, due to rising real estate. Today’s fun chat is which Clark Nowlin and Nick Shuley of All ATX. They… Read more & Listen »

Episode 23: The Tale of Two Austins | Susan McDowell

In today’s episode we have a very inspiring talk with Susan McDowell, executive director of LifeWorks, who shares with us with her story of how she got involved in this nonprofit, and what it does for Austin’s community. We discuss the stark contrast between some given opportunities and advantages over others, and what Susan and… Read more & Listen »

Episode 22: Music Business & Entrepreneurial Ventures with Rod Williams | Rod Williams

In today’s episode we had the pleasure of chatting with Rod Williams, entrepreneur and musician. He has founded numerous successful businesses from oil field lodgings to his newest senior living search. Rod and his wife, Shelley Mac, have toured with amazing national artists such as Sting, and have also made a mark on the local… Read more & Listen »

Episode 21: Politics, Oil and Tacos | Mark White

Today we get the special privilege of talking to former Governor, Mark White. Before serving as Governor, from 1983 to 1987, he served in the Texas National Guard, as our Secretary of State, and the Texas State Attorney General. Governor White paints a fascinating picture of Austin, in a time when the State was a… Read more & Listen »

Episode 20: Finding Peace Through Yoga | Ashley Clauer

Today we’re chatting with Ashley Clauer. Ashley is a native Austinite, and the founder of Wanderlust Yoga, here in downtown Austin. Wanderlust Yoga is an eclectic, unique yoga studio with live music, deejays, curated playlists, and all kinds of classes, from Hot Yoga to Weight Yoga. Wanderlust Yoga is definitely a unique Austin business that… Read more & Listen »

Episode 19: Pioneering the World of Education | Jeff Sandefer

Today we get to talk to Jeff Sandefer. Jeff is a billionaire entrepreneur, and a pioneering teacher. He started his first business at age 16, and has gone on to found five other successful companies. In 2002, right here in Austin, he founded the Acton School of Business. This is a very unusual, highly intense,… Read more & Listen »

Episode 18: How to Be a Champion | Mike Thompson

Today we get to talk to Mike Thompson. Mike is the Community Engagement Champion at LIVESTRONG. He is a born-and-raised Austinite, but more importantly, he is a four-time cancer survivor. His first battle with cancer started when Mike was only ten, and since then he has endured more than 75 different surgeries. Mike is full… Read more & Listen »

Episode 17: Southern Cuisine in Austin | Michael Fojtasek

Today we get to talk to Michael Fojtasek, the executive chef of Olamaie. In 2015 he was listed among the Best New Chefs by Food and Wine Magazine. Olamaie was also a semi-finalist in 2015 for the James Beard Awards in the Best New Restaurant category, as well being runner up in that same category… Read more & Listen »