Episode 9: Crossfit and Community | Jeremy Thiel

Crossfit Central is one of the most successful crossfit boxes in the world, and its owner, Jeremy Thiel is the Austinite behind its success. Jeremy is also an entrepreneur, intellectual, coach, husband and dedicated father. Today he talks to us about goals, fitness, family, and why he is happy to call Austin home.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:46] Jeremy was born and raised in West Texas, and visited Austin often. Eventually he moved to Austin to go to college.

[3:24] Jeremy always thought of himself as an entrepreneur, and learned about business early on, while working on his father’s farm.

[8:37] Jeremy used to read fitness books in the library, and was offered a coaching job during his freshman year of college, which eventually led him to crossfit.

[15:22] Jeremy got his crossfit certification in November of 2005, and hasn’t looked back.

[16:07] What makes crossfit different?

[19:05] How did Crossfit Central come to be?

[24:33] Being located in Austin was important to Crossfit Central’s success.

[34:10] Jeremy accomplished his goals, and then he wasn’t sure what to do.

[36:26] What is Jeremy’s vision for the future?

[40:37] Jeremy tells us about his wife, Lisa.

[46:41] Jeremy is excited about the future of health and wellness in Austin.

[48:28] Jeremy and Lisa love to visit Austin parks, especially Barton Springs.

[51:05] Where does Jeremy take his out-of-town friends, when they visit Austin?

[53:28] Jeremy’s favorite taco is the Cowboy at Tacodeli.

[56:06] Next week we’ll hear from Max Elliott, CEO and Co-founder of Urban Roots.

The Taco:

Tacodeli | The Cowboy

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