Episode 7: Your Health is Everything | Krisstina Wise

Krisstina Wise grew up in Arizona, but fell in love with Austin in the mid-90’s, and hasn’t looked back since. Krisstina has built a very successful entrepreneurial career, but it came at a cost, when one day her body simply gave up on her. Desperate for answers, Krisstina went to doctor after doctor, pill after pill, before striking the right answer: Our body heals itself, we just need to give it the right lifestyle tools to succeed. Now, Krisstina incorporates the importance of her health before anything else, and teaches others how to be healthy, and wealthy, so that they never, ever find themselves in such a state of despair and confusion.









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Key Takeaways:

[2:00] Why did Krisstina move to Austin?

[3:10] Krisstina talks about her health crisis, and the new direction she wanted to take her business in.

[5:20] When Krisstina was on what she thought was her deathbed, she realized the status and wealth that she built didn’t even matter.

[6:35] Krisstina believes we can heal our bodies if we just have the right tools in front of us.

[9:50] It’s sad that it takes a life-threatening event to get our attention that the way we’re living isn’t healthy.

[10:40] Krisstina had so, so many yellow flags, before her body completely gave up on her. She just didn’t pay attention.

[13:10] Krisstina didn’t understand why people committed suicide before her illness.

[16:10] Krisstina went to different doctors and they all had a different diagnosis for her. Eventually, they convinced her she was just crazy, that these problems were all in her head.

[19:30] Our body will heal itself.

[21:30] What is Wealthy Wellthy?

[24:00] High-achievers think they can just power their way through the pain.

[29:30] The way we make money directly ties into how we value it.

[31:30] Krisstina created a framework for others to dig deep, and look at their health from an eagle view.

[38:45] Anybody can become healthy.

[40:00] There are three pieces to a good money mindset.

[40:35] Wanting ‘more’ is a killer. It’s not about more, it’s about knowing your numbers.

[46:45] Krisstina explains her definition of what financial freedom is.

[52:15] Does Krisstina have a favorite Austin event for out-of-towners?

[55:25] Why Austin? What makes it home for Krisstina?

The Taco:

Tacodeli | Migas Royale plate (build your own) or El Pastor for lunch…all with a healthy dose of doña! 

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