Episode 4: Exploring the Austin Film Scene | Tim League

Tim League is the creator of Alamo Drafthouse Theaters, which began right here in Austin. Alamo Drafthouse is expanding across the U.S. as the unique theater, making the theater experience relevant again, and it has also been called the “best theater in the world,” by a lot of people.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:36] Where did the idea for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema come from?

[5:20] Where did Tim’s love of movies come from?

[7:41] Tim opened his first theater in a terrible location, but he was able to make enough money to move his business to Austin.

[10:20] The Alamo Drafthouse became a success pretty quickly.

[12:35] What kinds of movies and shows was the Alamo Drafthouse putting on, in the very beginning?

[13:23] How do so many kinds of events show up in one environment?

[16:20] Alamo Drafthouse offers great experiences for introverts and extroverts alike.

[17:15] Tim watches movies at the Alamo Drafthouse, and also loves the restaurant scene in Austin ? especially the sushi restaurants.

[21:06] Tim owns other businesses as well as Alamo Drafthouse.

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[23:15] Rolling Roadshows offers very unique movie experiences.

[24:37] Tim talks about Fantastic Fest.

[28:36] Drafthouse Films was inspired by Fantastic Fest.

[30:56] The 25th Alamo Drafthouse location is opening this month.

[31:46] What attracted Tim to Austin?

[33:04] There is a vibrant film scene here in Austin.

[34:44] As someone who is actively involved, Tim has some suggestions for positive change in Austin.

[38:13] Tim is excited to “keep Austin weird” in the future.

[40:55] Tim likes Tacos al Pastor on Riverside, and El Meson on Berkman for tacos. He also tells us which local taco place makes him nostalgic.

[44:50] Next week we will hear from the co-owner and CEO of Book People, our wonderful Austin independent book store.

The Taco:

Rosita’s Al Pastor on Riverside

El Mesón

El Tacorrido | Try the El Equinox coffee

Taco Cabana

Mentioned in This Episode:

Otoko at the South Congress Hotel

Drafthouse Films

Uchi Restaurants

Follow Tim on Twitter and Instagram: @timalamo

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