Episode 38: Active in Service, Fun and Community | Holly Priestner of Keller Williams Realty International

Today we chat with Holly Priestner, Vice President of Keller Williams Realty International. In full disclosure, Holly is a good friend of the show, and we already know a lot about her, but definitely uncovered some interesting stories about her time in Texas. From starting as a small town girl, to helping many different organizations raise large amounts of money, Holly has been passionate from the beginning, to a life of service and helping others. She shares her interesting family background and positions her father and grandfather held as leader, along her time at the Capitol, State Bar Association, and Junior League. As a leader and a networker, she is interacting with the people who are also helping to shape our state and our city. She shares some great tips about the benefits of volunteering, and just some of the benefits volunteers receive in turn, for a deed well done. We love Holly’s super active and get up and go personality. She is amazingly admirable and humble with all that she does, and we thank her for being such an important part of Austin!

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Key Takeaways:

[2:13] Holly is from Portland, Texas, a small town near Corpus Christi. Her first job was at a snow cone stand, where she was promoted after the third day! She went straight from Portland to Lubbock, and then attended Texas Tech.

[5:06] She accepted a six-month session only team position at the State Capital.

[7:09] Her father was a harbor pilot, and Vice President of the American Pilots. Her grandfather was President of all the pilots in America and Vice President of all the Pilots in the world.

[9:21] Community service is very important in her family, and they set activities and goals based around helping others.

[12:28] Holly shares her experience of working at the Capitol building and her introduction to working with legislation and policy.

[16:10] Holly gives tips on the skill of purposefully remembering people’s names and fun facts about them.

[17:42] We hear what going through “sunset” meant for the State Bar of Texas, and what it meant for Holly’s career for the next 10 years.

[20:51] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[24:51] Holly’s family has been dedicated to community service and helping others. This inspired her to continue the legacy and devote much of her time and energy to her passion of service.

[26:52] Holly’s involvement and training in her Junior League had a great impact on shaping her professional and service career as a leader.

[32:00] Holly shares advice on how to get into volunteering. Austin is a great city for getting involved.

[36:06] Be realistic and realize the impact you are making within your own limitations and time availability. Communicate if you can’t take on something, and even something such as recommending another volunteer can help immensely.

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