Episode 36: A Motivated and Determined Solo Starter | Kim Overton of SPIbelt

Today we catch up with Kim Overton, Founder of the “small personal item belt,” aka SPIbelt. Kim is an inventor and entrepreneur, and most certainly not the first Overton to make a deep and lasting mark in Austin. Kim got started at the young age of six, with her first business of selling mistletoe, and has been full steam ahead ever since. She moved to New York for a successful dancing career and even landed on MTV as a lead dancer. She returned back to Austin as a personal trainer, where she came up with the idea for SPIbelt, small personal item belt, on a run on the Hike and Bike trail. We talk about her courage to be a “solo starter,” where she created her family on her own, and her own family roots. Kim’s actions help others in many different ways and we thank her for being such a great inspiration and community innovator and leader!

Kim Overton of SPIbelt

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Key Takeaways:

[2:02] Her parents brought her to Austin when she was 11 months old. She’s lived all around the world, but always thinks of Austin as a homebase.

[3:46] Her first job was when she was six, and her dad would pick mistletoe for her to sell to the neighbors.

[4:34] She was heavily into gymnastics and dance, especially hip hop, and moved to New York to pursue that passion.

[6:33] While in New York she danced for MTV’s show, The Grind, for over a year.

[7:52] She came back to Austin in 2005, and worked as a personal trainer, while living at her grandparents house.

[9:12] Kim tells us about her amazing family Overton background. Her granddad was a civil rights leader. His first cousin is Richard Overton, who is 110 years old and the oldest living veteran.

[12:24] She founded SPIbelt in 2007. It’s a running belt, NOT a fanny pack! It expands to hold keys, phone, cards, etc. She came up with the idea as a runner needing something sleek, low profile, stylish, and that wasn’t bouncing around.

[16:16] The company has expanded into messenger bags, and even dog leashes with pockets for treats and bags.

[16:29] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[18:29] SPIBelt is the #1 belt in the industry, and a very unique product for its type. Kim is not worried about the knock offs, and it helps push her further.

[19:37] SPIBelt stands for “small personal item belt.”

[19:52] Kim began her “solo starter” journey with starting a family on her own, at age 38. At age 39 she had a child, and five years later she met her husband.

[25:00] The concept of women having babies with or without a partner is not a new concept, but Kim is open to talking about it, and sharing her success story of starting her family before she found her right partner.

[28:10] Kim recommends the Hike and Belt trail for out of towners.

[31:52] Next week our guest is Alan Graham of Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

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