Episode 34: Connection to the Community and Building the best CrossFit in the World | Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin

Today our amazing guests are Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada, two of the owners and founders of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin. We had a great chat with them about their background in fitness, their first thoughts on CrossFit in general, and how they came to own one of the busiest and well-respected gyms in Austin. They also share the meaning behind the gym name and give a very interesting inside look at the life of a CrossFit competitor. The growing local fitness scene in Austin means good opportunities for them to provide the best value and service to a rising number of people, and because of their investors, they are able to do this as their full-time mission. Join us as we hear their plans of having not only of the best gyms in Austin but throughout the world!

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Key Takeaways:

[2:48] Michael spent some time in Madrid, Spain, before coming to Texas. Jess grew up in West Texas and went to Texas State, where she was in the running scene. Part of the running scene in Austin was what attracted her to moving here.

[5:51] They have both been coaching CrossFit since 2008, and decided they wanted to open their own gym.

[7:45] Jess didn’t understand CrossFit at first, but grew to love it, once she saw how it mixed athletics with gymnastics, and other parts of her fitness background. Michael was working for Lululemon.

[9:48] A lot of the WODs (workout of the days) have names — FRAN is one of the “girls,” and is extremely tough and challenging!

[14:44] One of their main values is to enjoy the journey and process of fitness, and not to focus so much on the end results.

[15:45] It is incredibly impactful for people to know that they were missed when they were not around. CrossFit satisfies this by making sure members know how important it is for them to stay in their community and be accountable with others.

[17:30] Michael and Jess give the background on how the title Jääkarhu came to be included.

[22:16] They go over the challenges of starting and owning their own business.

[23:53] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[28:44] They have several different programs at the gym where people can focus on what their goals are, and athletic level: fitness, sport, competition.

[33:38] Michael goes over what the training and preparation of competition looks like for an individual on a day-to-day basis.

[38:27] Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the areas of fitness and CrossFit.

[46:37] Next week our guest is Paul Carrozza!


The Taco:

Picnik | Breakfast Taco — Jess

Fressa’s | Shrimp and Kale Taco — Michael


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