Episode 33: Work Hard Live More | Nicole Jensen

In this week’s episode, we talk to Nicole Jensen, owner and Chief Experience Officer at the Austin Tour Company. From just helping friends and loved ones with their own events to now doing large scaled outings and experiences for locals and tourists, Nicole certainly knows how to create a fun and fulfilling time for others. She shares some of the well known Austin experiences they offer up, along with some rare and funky behind-the-scenes type things, some even mixing drinking and history. Nicole also explains her “two honk a month” beeping rule, which we agree with, and gives us some expert advice on how to have fun in Austin in a purposeful, unique and safe way. Nicole also shares with us how to provide service for others, even if you are low on financial funds, or don’t have a lot of time to spare. We thank her for all she does to make the community great!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:56] Nicole was born and raised in Michigan and packed up to New York after college. She got a retail job to pay the bills and after six months got a job in event planning. After several years, she visited Austin and decided that was where she wanted to live next.

[4:04] Her first job was at the Omni, in a sales position. She loves the friendliness and politeness of Austin locals.

[6:10] Even the fender bender she got in showed Nicole that Austinites were sweet!

[8:13] Nicole went to a coffee meeting about something entirely different and ended up in conversation about helping to launch the tour company. She already was versed in planning events as she was the one arranging birthdays and other loved one’s experiences!

[10:50] Nicole feels passionate about lessening the amount of drunk driving and viewing the tour company as a safe place to transport people without the danger.

[12:45] They created a tour where people can experience a drinking and history tour. Nicole names some unexpected cool bars to check out with extra character.

[16:22] Austin Tour Company has partnered with Austin Monthly to help co-promote the publication and available experiences.

[18:13] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[20:28] Be on the lookout for an Austin Taco Tour sponsored by ATX! 🙂

[23:20] Volunteering even a few hours a month for a cause you are personally interested in feels good, and can put you in touch with great quality people.

[30:47] A few of the places Nicole loves taking people to include the Capitol building, the Austin mural wall, Driftwood Winery, and SaltLick BBQ.

[34:48] Nicole loves the Whole Foods build your own taco bar.

The Taco:

Whole Foods  | Build your own taco!

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