Episode 30: Artsy, Funky and Feisty | Sara Hickman

A true character of Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Sara Hickman joins us for today’s episode. She is one of the most cherished musicians in the Austin Music Scene and someone that has strong opinions and has made revolutionary moves throughout her career. She talks about how competitive it is and how being “diplomatically obnoxious” and tenacious about what you want can make all the difference in rising up to have a successful career like hers.



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Key Takeaways:

[2:06] Sara grew up in Houston and started very young! She started her band at 10 and had her first gig at 14 with the Houston Oilers.

[3:03] She attended college at University of North Texas and got signed to Elektra records. She put out two records with them and the third one got shelved. She raised $50,000 through selling her house and the help of her fans and bought the masters back from Elektra.

[3:57] She came to Austin in 1994. She got a warm welcome on her first day at Las Manitas restaurant from Charlie Sexton and Governor Ann Richards.

[7:51] That album is called Necessary Angles, released through the system in a different way.

[9:57] Sara got live venue experience as a young artist, and in that sense, Austin has shifted where it’s tough for club owners and artists.

[11:54] She tried to get a law passed on the Austin Music Commission to let people busk on the streets to sell their CDs.

[12:26] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[14:29] The airport has some stages, but the stages should be up front rather than hidden in the back.

[15:55] Sara has retired! To catch her, you can buy her CDs, check out her videos and possibly see her live down the road.

[17:19] She has a label called Sleeveless. Her daughter, Lili Blessing, has a new album out called Lifeline. Sara is working on getting her press, radio interviews and helping to get her gigs.

[18:25] Sara names some of her favorite places: Cactus Cafe, One2One, Saxon Pub, Antone’s and some of her favorite singers: Marcia Ball, Miss Lavelle White.

[20:23] She also loves Austin City Limits.

[21:21] Because she started working so early, she has never taken no for an answer. Now she feels as though it’s harder because people in the top 1% take up a lot of the air time and video space.

[24:02] She still sends thank you letters through the mail the “old-school way.”

[26:09] Tipping a musician really makes a difference.

[27:00] She loves to take people to Barton Springs, GreenBelt, Lady Bird Lake, Waterloo Records.

[30:32] Uncommon Objects is a definite destination for locals and out of towners!

[34:43] Next week we’ll be chatting with Laura Adams, aka the Money Girl.

The Taco:

Maria’s Tacos | Flapping cheese and egg with green vinegar sauce

Taco Deli | Hot surfer dudes

Mentioned in This Episode:

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U of North Texas

Elektra Records

Las Manitas

Charlie Sexton

Governor Ann Richards

Trout Fishing in America

Michelle Shocked

Austin Music Commission

Sweethome Baptist Church

Lili Blessing

Cactus Cafe


Saxon Pub

Antone’s Austin

Marcia Ball

Miss Lavelle White

Austin City Limits

Moody Theatre

Barton Springs

Tim League of Alamo Drafthouse

Waterloo Records

Book People

Uncommon Objects

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