Episode 3: Creativity and Canines | Alex Hopes

This week we get to talk to Alex Hopes, the Austin-based photographer behind Zilker Bark. Alex gives us a glimpse into the wonderful, quirky, artistic side of Austin, and tells us why he chose to make Austin his home, after an eight month tour of the United States. This interview is the story of a small entrepreneur who is trying to turn his art into something more, and have some fun along the way.

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Key Takeaways:

[:47] Alex relocated to Austin from Iowa with his famous dog, Sid.

[1:17] Like his subjects, Alex is color blind.

[2:09] Alex decided to move to Austin on a whim, in 2012.

[3:27] Alex decided to pursue photography while stuck in a “velvet rut,” waiting tables at an Austin restaurant.

[4:43] Alex started a marketing/photography business and then decided to move to Croatia.

[5:46] Why Croatia?

[6:33] How was Alex going to get Sid to Croatia?

[7:25] Alex and Sid’s story took an unexpected turn when Sid was hit by a car.

[9:27] Sid’s followers supported him and Alex through the accident but ultimately they decided not to move to Croatia.

[11:04] After traveling to so many cities on an eight month, 15,000 mile road trip, Alex decided that nowhere fit his personality as well as Austin.

[12:10] When Sid and Alex returned to Austin, their success really took off.

[12:26] Alex published a children’s book.

[13:47] Alex’s colorblindness helps him to appreciate photographing dogs.

[16:41] Alex just doesn’t get along with cats.

[17:50] How was Zilker Bark created?

[19:33] Alex loves to take pictures of Golden Retrievers, but other dogs can be more challenging.

[22:14] What’s next?

[23:17] Alex has awesome plans for the next year.

[24:04] Alex lives about 1.5 miles from Zilker Park.

[26:52] Alex loves the Green Belt, East Austin and all the great food.

[27:59] What’s Alex’s favorite date night spot?

[28:42] Alex’s favorite taco is the breakfast taco at El Primo.

[31:46] Here’s a preview of what’s coming up on Inside ATX.

The Taco:

El Primo food truck in front of OnceOver | Bacon, Egg & Cheese

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