Episode 25: Giving People Accountability and Education in Fitness and Nutrition | Kim Eagle

In the last 5 years between Austin Monthly and Austin Fit Magazine, Kim has been named Austin’s number one personal trainer an impressive seven different times. She does all of her current training online through Earn that Body, her online fitness and nutrition program, and keeps clients all over the world accountable for reaching their individual goals. She shares some entrepreneurial tips along with great fitness advice for those just starting out.  We also talk about the importance of diet, and she gives us some key takeaways on what should be a priority when just beginning the fitness journey. We enjoyed having Kim and her contagious smile and upbeat attitude on our show, and will be cheering her on during her next Ironman!

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Key Takeaways:

[:32] Today we are talking to an award winning fitness trainer, Kim Eagle.

[1:57] Kim grew up in Los Angeles, CA, as a “Valley Girl.” She went to college at UC Santa Barbara as pre-med, and graduate school at San Francisco for Eastern medicine.

[2:38] Her husband is a corporate private pilot. He was moved to Austin, and brought the entire flight team (and Kim) with him.

[3:16] She was always into health from acupuncture, nutrition and fitness.

[4:06] She created her online program, Earn that Body, seven years ago when she moved to Austin but still wanted to keep training her California clients. She tested it out with a few members first, and they got amazing results.

[5:20] Word spread fast after her initial launch of the program, and between word of mouth and social media, she acquired clients all over the world.

[6:04] Her company and brand has evolved to be offer full fitness and nutrition, or either one of those. She has an “online gym” for strength training and every other type of fitness one can imagine.

[8:08] Her nutrition programs are very one-on-one and she holds people very accountable for their actions and goals. Accountability is one of the key components of her business model and philosophy.

[9:24] All of her programs include education so they understand the bigger picture — why it’s important to eat certain foods or do certain exercises.

[11:13] Communication is great with her clients, but she is sure not all of their food consumed gets listed!

[11:54] Sharing your goals and knowing someone is checking in, can make people 73% more likely to succeed.

[12:54] She has a great social media following, and also an Earn that Body podcast.

[14:50] The first thing she has to do is figure out if her clients are eating too much, or too little, and then educate them about their metabolism with the right foods.

[16:09] She looks very logically about her clients intake of protein, carbs, fat and gets it to a healthy balance. She makes it easy to track their food by using Lose It.com.

[19:20] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[20:17] Kim gives advice: The starting place is getting a coach or joining a gym for some accountability. You can take free seminars, lectures, etc. A place to go every day to get their workouts. For weight loss however, it’s 80% food and 20% exercise.

[23:09] Fitting in skinny jeans is great, but when it’s your actual health, and your bloodwork changes for the positive, it is very rewarding to Kim.

[23:40] She only teaches online.

[24:08] She just completed an IronMan even though she swore she would never do it, and thought others were crazy for doing it!  She started off with a half IronMan, and felt good after, so she did the full thing.

[26:52] She trained for her IronMan online with online coaches.

[27:36] The whole race took her 14 hours and 7 minutes. She had a smile on her face, though!

[28:45] The 45-49 age range is very competitive.

[29:04] She has one 14-year-old son.

[29:46] She loves taking out of town visitors downtown to Lady Bird Lake for paddleboarding and canoeing.

[30:22] Her favorite restaurant is Uchi.

[32:14] She appreciates the cost of living in Austin compared to California. The people are great and the school systems are great. Plus people let you in on the freeway, as compared to California!

[34:18] Her favorite taco was from The Fork and Taco but it closed. She loves enchiladas — her favorite is Santa Catarina’s enchiladas verde.

[36:24] Next week our guest is Professor Jeff Wilson, Professor Dumpster who lived in a dumpster for a year.

The Taco:

Santa Catarina | Enchiladas Verde

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Santa Catarina

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