Episode 21: Politics, Oil and Tacos | Mark White

Today we get the special privilege of talking to former Governor, Mark White. Before serving as Governor, from 1983 to 1987, he served in the Texas National Guard, as our Secretary of State, and the Texas State Attorney General. Governor White paints a fascinating picture of Austin, in a time when the State was a firmly Democratic state, when it was still in the throes of the oil crisis, and on the verge of becoming a tech center. He is still passionate and engaged, not just with our past, but also with Texas’s present and future. I could’ve talked to him for hours, and never stopped learning about Austin then and now.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:26] Governor White grew up in Houston and moved to Austin in 1965.

[4:31] Austin has long been a center for new ideas.

[5:58] The push to bring high tech industry to Austin was largely Governor White’s response to the oil crisis.

[9:58] The way that the Federal Government dealt with the oil crisis was distinctly different than how it dealt with the recent bank crashes. This lead to a huge transfer of wealth.

[15:39] In the ’80s Texas was a blue state.

[17:58] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[18:53] Improving Texas education is a big part of Governor White’s legacy.

[24:20] What have been the biggest changes to Austin during Governor White’s time in the city?

[26:04] Governor White enjoyed some restaurants during his governorship that are still around today.

[30:06] A lot of people experience culture shock when they encounter Texas hospitality.

[31:45] Where does Governor White take out-of-town friends to experience Austin?

[35:17] Find Governor White’s favorite taco at Matt’s El Rancho.

[37:11] Next week we’ll talk to Ron Williams, an entrepreneur and musician, who has really made his mark on the local music scene.

The Taco:

Matt’s El Rancho | Bob Armstrong Special

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Papasan Properties

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2 Responses to “Episode 21: Politics, Oil and Tacos | Mark White”

  1. Elwin Williams

    Gov. White is a very wise and kind gentleman and was an excellent governor. Wish there were more like him. May God bless you sir.

    • InsideATX

      Elwin, thanks so much for tuning in and supporting Governor White! We appreciate it and hope we meet many other great people of Austin like him to interview!


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