Episode 20: Finding Peace Through Yoga | Ashley Clauer

Today we’re chatting with Ashley Clauer. Ashley is a native Austinite, and the founder of Wanderlust Yoga, here in downtown Austin. Wanderlust Yoga is an eclectic, unique yoga studio with live music, deejays, curated playlists, and all kinds of classes, from Hot Yoga to Weight Yoga. Wanderlust Yoga is definitely a unique Austin business that we can all be proud of. When you listen to Ashley you can hear her smile and feel the hope and positivity she brings to everything she does. Ashley’s story is very inspiring and I hope you’ll listen, check out the studio and join Rising Voices if it’s for you.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:37] It’s rare to find a native Austinite.

[3:23] Ashley was exposed to yoga at a young age through her mother’s nightly practice.

[4:10] In a dark time, yoga became Ashley’s safe space.

[4:39] Ashley attended a Wanderlust Festival, which ended up being a defining moment in her life.

[5:33] Ashley wanted to share what she had experienced at Wanderlust with Austin.

[6:58] Wanderlust Yoga brings in live musicians from all over Austin.

[9:02] Roy Spence, of GSD&M, is Ashley’s father, and he instilled in her a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

[9:51] Ashley’s mom helped her to find the perfect location to open her business.

[11:54] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[12:34] Yoga helped Ashley to find her inner strength after she survived a brutal assault. Ashley’s children helped her to find the strength to testify against her attacker years later.

[17:15] Ashley wants to help others through their healing journey.

[21:39] Ashley likes to take her out-of-town friends to Lake Austin and Hula Hut.

[23:12] Ashley is excited about growth in Austin, but hopes that Austin’s unique culture will be preserved.

[24:13] Find Ashley’s favorite taco at Tacodeli.

[25:27] Next week we get to talk to former governor Mark White, who has also served as Secretary of State and Texas Attorney General.

The Taco:

Tacodeli | Breakfast Taco

Mentioned in This Episode:

Wanderlust Yoga

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