Episode 15: Film From the Streets | Layton Blaylock

Layton Blaylock is a filmmaker and cinematographer who has been a part of the local film scene since the late ‘70s. Today we talk about the movies that every Austinite needs to see, including Dazed and Confused, the stoner classic that Layton actually worked on. We also talk about Layton’s award-winning documentary, Art From the Streets. Layton is a super down-to-earth guy, who has seen Austin grow up around him. He has a unique point of view, and I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:23] Layton lived in Austin briefly during his childhood, while his dad finished college. He came back while he was in high school and never left.

[3:28] Layton’s interest in film as a career began when he took an “easy elective” in college.

[4:55] Right out of college, Layton got a job with a film lab here in town called Stokes Slide Services.

[6:06] There wasn’t a lot of film production in Austin when Layton was first starting out.

[8:13] Texas Chainsaw Massacre put Austin on the film map.

[9:12] By the ‘90s, there was a lot of film production in Austin.

[11:36] Layton worked on the iconic film, Dazed and Confused.

[13:32] What is the difference between first unit and second unit in film production?

[15:12] It’s almost impossible to tell if a film will be a hit.

[16:16] A lot of the actors in Dazed and Confused went on to become big stars.

[17:25] Does Layton have a favorite project, out of all the ones he has worked on in his career?

[18:13] Art From the Streets was a labor of love.

[19:26] Inside ATX is sponsored by the Papasan Properties Group at Keller Williams.

[20:05] Jay has several paintings from Art From the Streets.

[22:32] You can watch the Art From the Streets documentary on Amazon, and there is also an Art From the Streets website, where it can be purchased.

[23:27] Unfortunately, production has halted on one of the documentaries that Layton did work on.

[27:52] Austinites should experience Roller Derby.

[30:06] What are the films that every Austinite should see?

[32:39] Where does Layton take out-of-town visitors, to give them a glimpse of Austin?

[35:07] Layton is excited for the future of Austin.

[36:38] Layton’s wife makes his favorite tacos, but he also loves Tacodeli.

[38:52] Next week we’ll be talking with event promoter, Dani Thomas.

The Taco:

Tacodeli | Any of their tacos!

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Papasan Properties

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