Episode 14: Austin Fitness | Mike O’Hara

Today we got the chance to talk to talk to Mike O’Hara, the owner of Bigger, Faster, Stronger Training in South, South Austin. Mike played junior college football at Cisco and hoped to become a strength and conditioning coach in a football program somewhere, but instead he fell in love with training. Mike is exceptionally good at what he does, and in 2012, 2014, and 2016 he was voted Austin’s Best Personal Trainer by Austin Fit Magazine. Last year, his gym was also voted Best Strength and Conditioning Gym. Mike believes that everyone is an athlete, and it’s his job to bring their inner athlete out.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:42] Mike has always had a knack for personal training.

[3:43] Mike knew he wanted to open a gym in Austin, for several reasons.

[5:10] Mike has been in business for six years.

[5:44] What is a Master Trainer?

[8:07] Austin seems to be more interested in fitness than other cities in Texas.

[12:31] Austin has so many healthy restaurant options.

[14:20] What was it like for Mike to run a training business out of his apartment gym?

[18:03] Mike will be expanding his gym soon.

[18:52] Mike’s attention to detail has been crucial for his success.

[23:02] Bigger, Faster, Stronger Training is located in Manchaca, or South Austin.

[23:39] Mike’s gym offers one-on-one personal training and HIIT classes.

[26:55] Bigger, Faster, Stronger Training also provides nutritional guidance and cardio programming.

[28:24] Mike is excited for growth in Austin.

[30:37] Mike takes out-of-town friends to MoonTower Saloon and Barton Springs.

[32:36] A lot of Olympians call Austin home.

[33:28] Every year, Mike hosts a September 11th event to honor the fallen.

[34:40] Mike’s favorite taco can be found at Valentina’s.

[36:55] Find Mike at WeAreAllAthletes.com.

The Taco:

Valentina’s | Real Deal Holyfield

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