Episode 13: Exploring Austin’s Bar Scene | Bridget Dunlap

In this episode we are privileged to hear from Bridget Dunlap. Bridget is a local serial entrepreneur. She has opened numerous bars around Austin, and is probably the most famous for pioneering Rainey Street. She has since expanded to East Austin and other locations and will even be bringing her unique creative vision to bars in the RiNo District of Denver, Colorado — her first out-of-Austin expansion. Bridget is down-to-earth, absolutely fearless, and clearly brings a mother’s love to each of her businesses.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:38] Where is Bridget from, and what brought her to Austin?

[2:47] Bridget’s first bar was named after Janis Joplin.

[3:21] The chaos of being in the bar business doesn’t rattle Bridget.

[4:41] How did Bridget identify the potential of Rainey Street?

[6:53] Curiosity and word of mouth brought people to Rainey Street.

[8:08] Bridget chose the locations of her bars strategically.

[10:21] The bar industry can be litigious, and that has caused Bridget pain.

[11:59] What was the inspiration for Container Bar?

[14:12] Bridget tells us about her journey from Rainey Street to the East Side.

[17:05] Does Bridget have any regrets, in regards to her bars?

[18:47] Each bar has its own personality.

[19:20] Bridget tells us about a new bar called Collide, which will showcase something different every few months.

[22:11] Bridget doesn’t give up easily.

[22:42] Bridget’s husband, Chris, is very supportive of her, and together they build loyal teams of employees.

[25:25] Bridget is the mother of a 13-year-old boy.

[25:51] Look for Collide, which opened in February.

[26:30] Why is Bridget expanding to Denver?

[30:20] Which of Bridget’s bars should a new visitor go to first?

[31:31] Where do Bridget and her husband go for a cocktail?

[33:09] Bridget loves Barton Springs and the Austin Restaurant scene.

[35:47] Bridget is excited to see Austin grow.

[38:44] Bridget loves the Picadillo taco at El Chilito.

[39:34] Next week we’ll talk to Mike O’Hara, a local trainer and gym owner who has been voted Austin’s best personal trainer three times in the last four years by Austin Fit Magazine.

The Taco:

El Chilito | Picadillo on flour with the hottest hot sauce

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