Episode 10: Urban Farming in Austin | Max Elliott

Max Elliott is the CEO and Co-founder of Urban Roots, a local youth development non-profit, that teaches kids leadership and entrepreneurial skills, by allowing them to intern on an urban farm. Urban Roots interns learn how to grow, harvest, prepare, and even sell food, and they get the chance to lead adult volunteers every week. I really enjoyed talking to Max about his work with Austin’s youth, and in Austin’s food scene; I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:36] Max was born in Nashville, and has moved a lot since then.

[2:32] Max did a little bit of gardening as a kid.

[3:26] Max fell in love with farming in Colorado and California, but saw opportunity for organic and sustainable agriculture in Austin.

[5:08] Max was drawn to farming for reasons of community, as much as food.

[10:24] How did Max go from working on a couple of small local farms, to being the CEO of Urban Roots?

[15:08] How does Urban Roots appeal to potential interns?

[16:24] It took a village to launch Urban Roots.

[19:00] What is it like to volunteer at Urban Roots?

[23:38] Urban Roots gives teen interns valuable business experience.

[27:15] Who is the ideal internship candidate?

[30:08] Urban Roots interns even learn math skills.

[31:37] Max tells some of his favorite Urban Roots success stories.

[37:17] What are Max’s plans for the future?

[42:14] Max is excited about the future of food in Austin.

[45:15] Max’s favorite taco is the Vaquero from Tacodeli.

[47:00] Next week we’ll catch up with a world renowned tattoo artist, Roni Zulu of Zulu Tatoo.

[47:53] Join the conversation at insideatx.com.

The Taco:

Tacodeli – The Vaquero

Mentioned in This Episode:

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The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, by Michael Pollan

Whole Foods

Youth Launch

Papasan Properties

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