Episode 42: Notable, Limited and Exclusive — Bruce and Ronda Prothro | Prothro Family Wines

Bruce and Ronda Prothro, founders of Prothro Family Wines, have a pretty amazing story. They met in a cable car in San Francisco, moved to Austin, and took their hobby and passion of winemaking and turned it into a full-time, thriving and two-time, award-winning family business. We talk with the couple about their unique love story, their career backgrounds before winemaking, and how a job relocation to Austin ended up as a great thing for their family’s future. When you blend together Bruce’s culinary curiosity and background in chemistry mixed with Ronda’s marketing background, you get a powerhouse couple who strive to make wine that’s out of this world. They greatly attribute the supportive and fostering nature of Austin for their success, so it’s only right that both give their wine pairing recommendations with their favorite local taco!


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Key Takeaways:

[2:21] Ronda is a native Californian and Bruce is from Mississippi. They met after college and established their careers until Bruce’s job relocated them to Austin.

[7:23] They love the educational opportunities in Austin, especially compared to the advantages over California’s schooling system.

[10:20] Ronda’s background is in marketing and public relations, and she shares some of her interesting past internships and PR work.

[12:28] When Ronda and Bruce met he was already starting his wine journey. He is a chemist by education and is also used to spending time with the women in his family in the kitchen. This mixture led to his fascination and passion for the chemical reactions that make up his appreciation of wine and how it goes with hand in hand with the culinary experience.

[15:54] They were both college athletes and are still competitive with each other to this day!

[17:54] They met on a cable car in San Francisco and it was love at first sight!

[19:38] Bruce shares how he started as a vintner and the supportiveness of other winemakers that helped them along their beginning path.

[22:23] They would have people over to drink their own wine, and Bruce would felt an obligation to buy other wine as well! However, their chardonnay wine would go first.

[25:15] Once they had children they took a hiatus for 16 years, but it was always in the back of their minds to go back and keep making wine. A multitude of life changes led to them making the decision to get back into winemaking, and they partnered with an existing facility to begin again.

[28:27] Thank you to our Sponsor, the Papasan Properties Group.

[32:17] They launched with two wines which are both award winners and have far exceeded their sales expectations.

[33:29] We hear what’s next with Prothro Family Wines and where you can go to try and buy a bottle before it’s sold out again!

[35:41] They still want to keep the boutique and exclusive experience, and it’s important to create a relationship with their customers.

[37:17] They sell a lot of their wines through hosted personal tastings.

The Taco:

Maudies — Shredded Chicken Taco    

*pairs well with 2016 Prothro Family Wine Sauvignon Blanc

Taco Deli — The Freakin Vegan

* Prothro Family Wine Rosé out soon

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