August 2017

Holly Priestner, Keller Williams Realty International

Episode 38: Active in Service, Fun and Community | Holly Priestner of Keller Williams Realty International

Today we chat with Holly Priestner, Vice President of Keller Williams Realty International. In full disclosure, Holly is a good friend of the show, and we already know a lot about her, but definitely uncovered some interesting stories about her time in Texas. From starting as a small town girl, to helping many different organizations… Read more & Listen »

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Episode 37: Heart Over Pocket | Alan Graham of Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Today we get to chat with Alan Graham, CEO, President & Co-Founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes! Alan is also the visionary behind the MLF’s Community First Village and is certainly a man on a mission. Since founding the nonprofit in 1998, they have served over 5 million meals to the homeless. The Community First… Read more & Listen »

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Episode 36: A Motivated and Determined Solo Starter | Kim Overton of SPIbelt

Today we catch up with Kim Overton, Founder of the “small personal item belt,” aka SPIbelt. Kim is an inventor and entrepreneur, and most certainly not the first Overton to make a deep and lasting mark in Austin. Kim got started at the young age of six, with her first business of selling mistletoe, and… Read more & Listen »

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ATX 035: Let’s Get Running! | Paul Carrozza

Connecting with the Connectors, Paul builds a purposeful and passion based community of fitness philanthropy in Austin.

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Episode 34: Connection to the Community and Building the best CrossFit in the World | Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin

Today our amazing guests are Michael Winchester and Jess Estrada, two of the owners and founders of CrossFit Jääkarhu Austin. We had a great chat with them about their background in fitness, their first thoughts on CrossFit in general, and how they came to own one of the busiest and well-respected gyms in Austin. They… Read more & Listen »

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